Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are you located?

 Art Square Studios. 

2315 Commerce Suite 17

Houston, TX 77002 

This is a private studio, not a tattoo shop. We give our clients special attention to better serve your comfort. 

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What are your hours?

Monday Closed

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday 11am - 5pm

Thursday 11am - 5pm

Friday 11am - 5pm

Saturday 2pm - 10pm

Sunday 2pm -10pm


How much do you charge? 

$400 minimum + design fee

$200 per hour for the first 2 hours and reduce to only $150 per hour each hour afterwards. 

non-refundable deposit of $200, that will apply to the balance of your tattoo and a design fee may be incurred from deposit for large custom work (doesn't apply to tattoos to photo realism from an image).

For examples of how long certain pieces can take, check out this page

Cash is preferred but we can accommodate cards as well


How can I make an appointment?

First, you can make an appointment through the booking link here.

The next step would be to send me an email at 

Please include all your ideas, images, and any information pertaining to your tattoo as this will be used as reference during the design process.


What if i would like to plan the tattoo with you in person beforehand?

The only way to communicate with me about a tattoo is to send an email or you can book a consultation for $20. This is mainly because I am either designing, tattooing, or working on a project. My staff handles all communication via email. 


Whats the purpose of a consultation? 

A consultation is for clients who can better explain all their ideas in person. We go over any questions. This is very important because after this appointment there will be no more communication until your appointment. If you want to change something minor you can let me know when you come in.


What do I need to tell you about my design?

My favorite way to design your piece is with a list of specific subject matter (nouns), especially when paired with an overarching concept or story.  Then I have the freedom to assemble the parts and the root of the story to add details if needed. I can create original artwork based on whatever you give me.  

However, if you have something specific in mind, try your best to communicate!

As flattering as it is, I can't work with "I like everything you do, I'll let you do whatever you want."  Sorry! 

When describing the piece that you want, try to think if you want "flowers" or if you want "a yellow daffodil, jacob's ladder, and two roses."  

Both descriptions are enough for me to work with, but will affect the drawing that you get!

Keep in mind:

If your first description only says "flowers" and I make you a design with roses, and after you receive it you say, I meant "a yellow daffodil and jacob's ladder" - this may count as a new design depending on how much requires changing.

If you have reference images, photos, other tattoos you admire, your pinterest, etc, that all helps me know what you are thinking.  

Even better, if you do have a specific layout in mind, stick figures are great! Send a little doodle of what you're thinking and I'll make it a reality.

Basic questions to think about - size and placement? Do you want just blackwork/linework? Do you want stipple shading or engraving style texture?

If you're not sure how to describe the style you're interested in, it never hurts to include an image of an existing piece and say "I like this style."


When will my design be done?

Designs are completed the week of you scheduled appointment. 


What if I don't like the drawing? Can I change it?

Of course! It's going on your body forever - I want you to be happy.  One drawing (sketch/mock-up and inked version) is included in your drawing fee! Altering the size of the design is always free.

Minor changes may be accommodated at my discretion.  If the change requires more than half of the drawing to be re-drawn after inking, or excessive revisions during the sketching/mock-up process, it will be an additional drawing fee. (This is why it's important to thoroughly consider your design before beginning the design process!)


I'm scheduled - now what?

Stay hydrated, eat well, get lots of rest! Take care of yourself the week before getting a tattoo, the day of, and throughout the healing process.

On the day of your tattoo make sure you eat breakfast/lunch, and feel free to pack some snacks if it's going to be a long session.  Avoid alcohol, blood-thinning medications, and limit caffeine consumption on the day of your tattoo.

Avoid coming in hungover - it will hurt more during the process and won't heal as well afterward.

You do not need to arrive early, but please be on time!  Often artists are working on more than one client per day, and if you are late, it may shift the entire schedule. 


What is your cancellation policy?

If you give notice prior to 72 hours you will be able to reschedule your appointment once up to a year from your appointment date. If you are within 72 hours of your appointment you will forfeit your deposit.

Cancellations, no matter how far advanced, disrupt payments that go towards facility management and administrative support. These changes are so that I can maintain the space and give you the highest quality tattoo that you deserve.


Do you do piercings?

No, not currently.


Do you do script?



Do you do tribal?

No. (not to be confused with mandalas or geometry)


Do you do finger tattoos?